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The right way to lean

  • The right way to lean and efficient flows is to focus on flow efficiency.
  • Flow efficiency will "pull" an increased resource efficiency.
  • Focus on resource efficiency risks decreasing flow efficiency (the red arrow).
    • This effect has been proven in many cases and depends on the ambition to increase the resource availability.
Image that shows the right path to efficient flows with focus on flow efficiency

The method with YourFlow

YourFlow offers increased profit from improvements in productivity. Improvements are achieved through lead-time reduction, which is a powerful and simple way to eliminate waste. Focus on lead-time reduction increases clarity and makes it easier to assemble the organization and create engagement.

With YourFlow everyone can contribute with improvement suggestions that gives more integrated solutions.

Because YourFlow is easy to use you can work independently and therefore get a quick start in your work with continous improvements.

Image showing the method with YourFlow

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